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Film Dual (Slovenia, 2013)
A review
DailyXtra, 26 May 2014
Midnight Cowgirls
A review of Madeleine Olnek's film The Foxy Merkins
Xtra, printed edition, 15 May 2014
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Sex and Ethics
Review of Sex and Ethics. Essays on Sexuality, Virtue, and the Good Life, edited by Raja Halwani

Social Semiotics
18(1) 2008, pp. 103-5
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Web Campaigning in the U. S.
Web Campaigning by Kirsten A. Foot, Steven M. Schneider

Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies, University of San Francisco, December 2007

Canadian Queer Cinema Primer
On The Romance of Transgression in Canada:
Queering Sexualities, Nations, Cinemas
by Thomas Waugh

Books in Canada,
January/February 2007
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Que(e)rying Evangelism
Herizons, Fall 2006
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Women in Love
On Diana Souhami's Wild Girls: Paris, Sappho and Art:
The Lives and Loves of Natalie Barney & Romaine Brooks

Books in Canada,
April 2006

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She Will Have You in Stitches
On Dubravka Ugresic's Lend Me Your Character

The Globe and Mail Books
, September 2005
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