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              Winner: Montreal Book Expozine Award, 2016
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April 2016

All That Sang

A novella
Esplanade Books/Vehicule Press

A visceral tale of obsession and creativity, unrequited passions and the power of music. A love story in which art is a foil to companionship, and the intellect an interlocutor of the heart.

In the utterly unique All that Sang, the second fiction by Lambda Literary Award-finalist Lydia Perović, a Toronto opera critic on assignment in Paris falls in love with the subject she’s been sent to interview, France’s leading female conductor. But is the attention evenly matched, is genuine connection even possible?

Perović guides us through the panorama that orbits contemporary courtship. The jilted lover, the housekeeper, the chiropractor, the manager, all take part in a chorus of voices that illustrate the unknowable creative spirit whose inaccessibility fires the writer’s obsession. 

Reminiscent of the bold and inventive fictions of Ali Smith and Siri Hustvedt, postmodern refractions play with the reader’s sense of perspective to build the persona of affection, a figure of reality and imagination that we all recognize but can never truly access.


“I loved this book, the gripping intelligence of its desire and the ways in which it maps lust and existence, place and devotion. Lydia Perović’s slender, passionate novella grieves, remembers and celebrates a universe.” 

Madeleine Thien, author of Do Not Say We Have Nothing

“This kaleidoscopic love story – told from many angles in elegant, crystalline prose – creates a world that holds the reader skillfully in between. Between Toronto and Paris, music and listening, lust and loss. Unrequited and erotic, All That Sang is a story of longing beautifully sent to us in the manner that only true longing can convey."

Jacob Wren, author of Polyamorous Love Song

Autumn 2012
Incidental Music, a novel by Lydia Perovic
Incidental Music
A Novel by
Lydia Perović

A Lambda Literary Foundation Award Finalist

Fall 2012
Inanna Publications


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       Can we try to live a good life and still pay the bills? What are the arts good for anyway, especially in times of unrest and scarcity? Does love, and the ways we love now, help us see the others more clearly or fog our vision, distract from our purpose and make us selfish? Set in present-day Toronto, Incidental Music is a novel about three very different women grappling with these questions.  
An excerpt was published in Steel Bananas Quarterly, Issue 28, September 2011

                              Occasional Short Fiction
Heimat, Mutter
Short story, July 2010
No Stones off Florence
Short story
Matrix Magazine, Montreal. New Feminisms Issue, #85, 
February 2010
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